top 5 Reasons To Visit Italy

Top 5 Places To Visit In Italy

In Italy you will not only find good food and beautiful historic monuments but gorgeous people, wonderful weather and will always come back with a good story.

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Top 14 things to see in Padua

Source: DreamDiscoverItalia

Padua, Padova in Italian, has many claims to fame. Its home to one of the earliest universities in the world, was the scholarly seat of celebrated scientist Galileo Galilei and, according to legend, Padua is the oldest city in Italy. There is plenty to see and do – TripAdviser lists over 200 attractions – and its only 25 minutes by train from Venice, so let’s take a walk around and have a look at 14 of the top spots. Add to that the covered market, under the grand Palazzo della Ragione (more of which in a moment. And if that doesn’t satisfy your shopping needs, the general market next door in Piazza dei Frutti has more food (yum. ), accessories and household goods whilst Piazza dei Signori’s stalls spill over with shirts, dresses and trousers for the fashion-conscious bargain hunter. As you suck on a thirst-quenching slice of watermelon from the market its impossible to miss the imposing Palazzo della Ragione slap bang in the centre of the stalls. Begun in 1172 this striking medieval municipal palace apparently has the largest unsupported roof in Europe. And climbing the short stone staircase to the first floor you are immediately struck by its the sheer scale. Even an enormous, larger than life wooden horse copied from Donatello’s bronze statue (see point 7 later) for a public tournament in 1466, is dwarfed in the space. From the palace it’s a short walk round the corner to the city’s Duomo and baptistery. A church has been here since 866 AD but a combination of fire, ransacking, earthquake and a public backlash against a rather gloomy gothic design means that there have been at least 6 different structures on the site. Padua’s current Duomo, built to the legendary Michelangelo Buonarotti’s design, dates back to 1551 with the dome added in the 18 century baptistery is one of the most important works of art in Padua. Its walls are stunningly decorated with the life of Christ and St John the Baptist. But it’s the breath-taking dome, painted by Florentine artist Giusto de’Menabuoi , with concentric circles of saints and apostles surrounding Christ, that really draws the eye. Entry to this medieval marvel is just €3. century and was originally a reasonably liberal place to live. Jews were admitted to the city as equals with other foreigners and free to trade, particularly as bankers. Padua was also the only European university to allow Jewish students to study medicine as early as the 1400s. However, in 1602, after the Venetians took over Padua, they introduced new regulations forcing Jews to live in a cramped, gated ghetto... And it was only when Napoleon conquered Venice and the Veneto in 1797 that the 4 gates were finally taken down. Turning left onto Via VIII Febraio then right onto Via San Francesco you come to a little grass square in Piazza Antenore where 2 stone sarcophagi – or is it sarcophaguses. – well, whatever it is, it brings you to the tombs of two important figures in Padua’s history. The largest one, protected by a stone canopy, is believed to be the last resting place of a Trojan prince named Antenor. Now it would be impressive enough to find a Trojan prince buried in Padua but legend has it that Antenor was the founder of the city in around 1183 BC after the fall of Troy, thus making Padua the oldest city in Northern Italy. century church houses the bones of St Anthony in a fabulously ornate white marble side chapel. Pilgrims and the faithful come here to pray placing a hand on his green marble coffin to be closer to the man. Cast in 1453 the statue was the first life-size equestrian sculpture since ancient times and inspired by the ancient Roman statue of Marcus Aurelius now on the Capitoline Hill in Rome. Well it turns out that not only did the ancients inspire Donatello but his 15. Padua had a leading role in the study of exotic plants and contributed hugely to the development of natural remedies and medicines. As a consequence the gardens often faced thefts of plants, despite the severe penalties of prison or even exile, hence the high circular wall surrounding the main planting enclosure. Today the gardens contribute to vital research to preserve rare plants and are a UNESCO World Heritage Site as it “represents the birth of science, of scientific exchanges, and understanding of the.

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Fodor's Essential Italy
Fodor's Essential Italy
Published by Fodor's 2014
ISBN 0804142823,9780804142823
496 pages

Provides information about the accommodations, restaurants, shopping, and sights of the must-see places in Italy.

Fodor's Essential Italy
Fodor's Essential Italy
Published by Fodors Travel Publications 2012
ISBN 9780876371237,0876371233
500 pages

Provides information about the accommodations, restaurants, shopping, and sights of the must-see places in Italy.

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RT @CultureTrip: Find a slice of #Italy in #Boston's North End


RT @CultureTrip: Find a slice of #Italy in #Boston's North End

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