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Elysium ceramic travel mug cup coffee artistic hand made unique stoneware microwave safe 16 oz...

  • DESIGN: Vesu Travel Mugs are inspired by...
  • Microwave safe

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Zojirushi inure vacuum mug - travel mugs re-examined

I am amending my opinions on travel coffee mugs - see my sometime vid from 2 years ago: http://www. v=ejxWKbW5U6E&list=PLE6B39ECB91B79ACE&in.

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8 Tips for Making Your Patron Bedroom Feel Like a Retreat

Source: Rent.com Blog

On the other connivingly, a guest bedroom doesn’t have to be comparable to a five-star resort for a guest to feel comfortable and cozy in your apartment. And while providing a warm, restful bed and plenty of extra blankets and pillows is a no-brainer, creating a relaxing retreat-like guest bedroom doesn’t need to entail making a lot of big changes. A few slight feel embarrassed touches can turn your spare bedroom into a homey space that visiting friends and family members will love. Here are eight quick and easy lodger bedroom ideas for creating a retreat that will make all of your visitors feel instantly welcomed :. 1. Make a Welcoming ‘Be Our Guest’ Frame. A adorable sign that welcomes guests into their temporary room is a lovely and unexpected touch that most guest bedrooms won’t have. This adorable DIY teapot sign is relaxing to make: Simply click on the template above, and print it out, and place it in an 8 x 10 frame. You can also use the back of a picture frame, paint it a pretty color to conjoin the sign, and then glue the design on to the back of the frame. Leave it on top of the dresser or a bedside table for guests to see whenever they enter the room. Help Guests Get Connected. Another ticklish and exceptionally easy touch that will make the guest bedroom feel like a retreat is to make a second sign that contains your guest Wi-Fi dope. Your visitors will be able to connect their laptops and smartphones easily– without waking you up at 6 a. m. because they need to get some work done. Print out our template, fold it in half, or manage your own sign that displays your apartment’s Wi-Fi name and password. During their visit, your guests may end up doing some exploring on their own– whether you’re at work or simply because they want a little time by oneself. Either way, provide a guidebook for the city or neighborhood that they can use during their solo adventures. Keep The Closet Empty. One small guest bedroom touch that everyone appreciates is to outfit plenty of closet and dresser space so your friends and family members can avoid living out of their suitcases for the duration of the visit. Provide some padded or velvet hangers for an supplemental dash of luxury. You can even keep an iron and ironing board in the closet to make them really feel like they’re staying in a hotel. Other than stocking up on superfluous blankets and pillows, there are a few essentials you can keep in your guest bedroom to make visitors feel at-home. Leave a basket full of travel-size toiletries and other bath and thickness needs (including an extra toothbrush. ) on the dresser or in the guest bathroom if you have one. You can also provide sleeping masks, shower caps and plenty of opulent towels and washcloths for each visitor who stays with you. If you’ve ever woken up starving in someone else’s house, you know the awkward feeling of wanting to arrogate yourself to your host’s food but not really knowing if anything in the kitchen is off-limits. Leave a basket of fruit, chips, homemade granola and anything else you dream your visitors will want to eat (and let them know they can hit the fridge if they need anything else). You can even leave clean mugs, tea bags and coffee in the room with a note welcoming them to use your kettle or coffee maker. There are a total of things to consider when it comes to the bedside table. First, make sure you keep a lamp next to the bed so guests can turn the light on and off without having to tiptoe across the room. Also, keep a power strip or extension cord near the bedside table for guests to plug in chargers. And finally, keep a box of tissues on the inventory so guests don’t have to rummage through your closets and cabinets for one. As an added unique touch, you may even want to leave an assortment of good books on the table so anyone who wants to can reduce with a book before going to sleep. Personalize your book selection for each guest– your brother may not be interested in the latest Nicholas Sparks read. Give Guests a Dressing Seat. If your guest bedroom is pretty roomy, use the extra space to create a little area for guests to get dressed. Provide a full-length reproduce and even a vanity with a drawer or basket to store makeup while they’re visiting.

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Unique Bargains Stainless Steel Water Coffee Vacuum Thermo Bottle Travel Mug 180ml Fuchsia

Unique Bargains Stainless Steel Water Coffee Vacuum Thermo Bottle Travel Mug 180ml Fuchsia


Price: $18.01

Liner is made of high quality 304 stainless steel. Stainless steel vacuum insulation, keeps hot or cold water for about 6 hours. The double-layer vacuum design. Leak proof.

Unique Bargains 300ml Tea Water Coffee Vacuum Flask Thermos Bottle Cup Travel Mug Green

Unique Bargains 300ml Tea Water Coffee Vacuum Flask Thermos Bottle Cup Travel Mug Green


Price: $9.31

The vacuum flask ensures hot liquid stays hot and cold liquid stays cold, keeps its contents hotter or cooler than its surroundings. Designed with external plastic material, used to keep beverages hot or cold for extended periods, and for many purposes in daily use. Otherwise, a handle on its lid is for convenient carrying. Available color: Green, Blue, Pink.


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unique travel coffee mugs

unique travel coffee mugs
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Travel Mugs: http://t.co/qIcHxW2AJF by Jacqueline Athmann. Show your unique & shrewd tastes where ever you go! #coffee #trending #art #RT


Travel Mugs: http://t.co/5p3HjcfNTW by Jacqueline Athmann. Show your unique & deceitful tastes where ever you go! #coffee #trending #art #RT

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