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NCAA Ohio State Buckeyes 24 oz Wavy Insulated Tumbler

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Hydro Flask vs. Travel Mug: The Ultimate Coffee Assess

A video recap of the coffee clash between a Hydro Flask container and a standard travel mug. Hydro Flasks are already well-known for their ability to keep c.

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On Living Unique (Part 1)

Source: My Heartbeat

Google has made my moving spirit so much easier here in Singapore. I need to find out the fastest route from Tampines to Woodlands. Google’s ready to give you options upon options on how you could get there, with time estimates and all. I lack to try the best laksa SG has to offer. All you need to do is click that search button and thousands of reviews of different restaurants offering laksa can be found (BTW, I love 328 Katong Laksa). Google’s got it all covered (comprehend properly though, you might be panicking, thinking it’s a horrendous disease only to find out it’s only a mosquito bite). ) how to work the washing machine or (if you’re weird like me) how to efficiently mop the defeat, It’s got step by step instructions for you too. So you see, Google will be there for you. It’s fun to be alone. For those who know me,this is probably not something they would expect me to say. But living in SG has made me appreciate how fun it is to have alone time. I make merry days when I do nothing but lounge in my PJ’s binge watching the last 3 seasons of the Walking Dead while eating noodles the whole day. I cherish the short bus or MRT rides, where I sit (mostly allude to b support on MRTs), popping on my earphones and people watch or day dream. I like to eat alone while reading a book. I no longer find the need to always have people enveloping. I find that I’m rarely lonely when I’m alone, not as much. People move on. When I was leaving for SG someone told me that it was easy for me to leave because I wasn’t going to be left behind. I was affluent to see this whole new place and I get to experience new things and they’re still there. Living the same life, except that you’re not in their immediate orbit. Though this may be true, I’d realized that it’s not easy leaving too because people pull up stakes on. It’s not like when I go back 2 years later everything will be exactly as it is. People get married, your friends start new relationships, or your family... Whenever I go back I feel like I was the one red behind. Looking for familiar things, feelings and people. Feeling like you’re at home but something feels different. Not bad different and not exactly passable too. New people come along. When you declare someone as your Ultimate Food Trip Buddy, and you think that whatever happens he/she’s the one that you’ll call whenever you want to try something new, call to mind a consider again. Because when you live in a different country you’re going to need to find another Ultimate Food Trip Buddy, not to replace the old one. You just need an SG version so that you still get to try out all those amazing food without sympathy like a total loner (experiencing new things is best shared with someone). So, be open to meeting new people and give them room in your heart and life. Daddy’s not there to assistance you. Whenever I’m in trouble, or something’s wrong I can depend on my daddy to be there to save the day (the reason why his is the only number I’ve memorized, aside from my own). My daddy helps me pack my bag when I travel (so efficacious because I used to just ram everything in). He saves me from flat tires, getting caught (I’m not very observant of signs) and overheating cars (it’s a blessing that I don’t drive in SG). In... But living in SG has taught me to be more unrestricted. To learn to pack my bag properly (got the trick dad. To find ways to solve my problems on my own. And although my fingers still itch to call him whenever I’m in a troubling situation, I well-read that I can solve my problems on my own. Not that I need my daddy any less. Just that I know that if dad’s not there, I’ll still find a way to be ok. To be honest, I got a bit emotional there. It’s been fun reminiscing and reflecting on my 2 years and the things that has changed since I’ve started living here. Looking up to sharing my back 5 learnings next week.

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Bd Snglserve Coffeemkr Blk

Bd Snglserve Coffeemkr Blk


Price: $41.01

BlACk & Decker Single Serve Coffee Maker with BlACk Mug. Brew Ground Coffee or PrepACkaged Pods - For ultimate convenience! 16 oz Travel Mug Included - For an ACtive, on-the-go lifestyle! Your coffee brews directly into a 16-oz. thermal mug that fits most cup holders. Ease of USe and Clean - Dishwasher safe pod holder and permanent Filtererter. Permanent Coffee Filtererter - No more paper Filtererters, saves money & the environment! Automatic Shut-off - For added peACe of mind. 3' cord. BlACk. .

Melitta 64013-Ready Set Travel Mug Black Coffeemaker

Melitta 64013-Ready Set Travel Mug Black Coffeemaker


Price: $16.35

For 100 Years Melitta has dedicated itself to providing the ultimate coffee experience with its premium line of gourmet coffees coffee filters and high quality coffeemakers bringing European Indulgence to everyday life. Brew one cup at a time on the go! No time to have that perfect brewed cup of coffee at home. Ready set Joe To Go Travel Mug Coffeemaker allows you to have your fresh brewed coffee wherever you are. The lid is secure so your coffee does not spill on the go. The 64013B hold 16 Ounces of coffee. This travel mug has a Transparent acrylic exterior and features an 18/8 Stainless Steel Interior. Not for use in microwave or dishwasher. For your convenience filter cone and mug lid are included. Black Transparent acrylic exterior 18 - 8 Stainless Steel Interior 16-ounce capacity Brew one cup at a time Secure Top Filter cone and mug lid are included Not for use in microwave or dishwasher


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The travel mug is exceedingly well made and robust. You couldnt get a tighter seal on a condom! Nick - 17th of February, 2015

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Ultimate Uncle Travel Mug


This custom "Ultimate Uncle" text design is perfect for any awesome uncle.

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1903 Shamrock Travel Mug


Classic and Elegant Cup Winning Yachts from Maritime Artist Tony Fernandes.
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ultimate travel mug the ultimate travel mug fits in most cup holders ...

ultimate travel mug the ultimate travel mug fits in most cup holders ...
Image by online.findgift.com

16 Oz. Ultimate Travel Mug,Wholesale china

16 Oz. Ultimate Travel Mug,Wholesale china
Image by www.promo-wholesale.com

retreat more cool stuff christian travel mugs ultimate travel mug 7 of 8

retreat more cool stuff christian travel mugs ultimate travel mug 7 of 8
Image by www.kerusso.com

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5 Half a mo Chocolate Mug Cake Recipe
Ingredients:cocoa powder, semisweet chocolate chips, coffee, eggs, flour, milk, vegetable oil, vanilla extract, sugar

Ingredients:chocolate syrup, frosting, rice krispies, margarine, food coloring

Ingredients:chocolate syrup, frosting, rice krispies, margarine, food coloring

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Social gathering Time, Excellent!
Social gathering Time, Excellent!

Any westerner who's travelled in China will tally, you get stared at when you're walking down the street. It's a little like you're famous, but you don't actually know what for. No kidding, we were walking past a department store in Tunxi (Huangshan municipality) and we saw a singing competition / yoghurt promotion. Not being the kind of people to say no to free samples of food (in the past day we've had dates, figs, halva, weird salty kiwi fruit etc) we stopped to get yoghurt. But then, one of the girls serving yoghurt spied a important attention grabber. Would we, the people with the most novelty value (and the best hair ever) sing for the crowd? How could we say no? Lord knows, I tried to say no to both Dan and the gal, but she dragged us up to the MC. She said a whole bunch of stuff in Chinese and then the MC and organisers said to us. "Would you sing? I'm sure you will be talented." In the end, there was nothing left, but for us to choose a song... "Anything,...

Photo by Fighting Tiger