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Contigo AUTOSEAL West Loop Stainless Steel Travel Mug , 16 oz., Deep Blue

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Zojirushi dagger vacuum mug - travel mugs re-examined

I am amending my opinions on move coffee mugs - see my previous vid from 2 years ago: http://www. v=ejxWKbW5U6E&list=PLE6B39ECB91B79ACE&in.

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My Dad arrived on Tuesday from Colorado to fritter away a week with us here in London. We've had 3 beautiful yet chilly days, and we've been exploring/spending as much time outside as possible. M loves playing with Opa, as she named him early on. They've been playing a lot of stair golf. That's freedom, hitting her wooden golf balls down from the top floor all the way down to the kitchen. Apparently she got those golf genes that run pretty deep in my family. But she sure-fire is having a ball (no pun intended) so what the heck. And it keeps her busy, having fun which gives me a chance to get some things done around the house. Pretty much the whole kit seems to be under construction in London all year round. This scaffolding and enormous tarp popped up in the last few weeks and the demolition is really loud. It seems they are redoing the unexceptional building and the building is an entire block. We renewed the terms of our lease last month and were not briefed about these guys moving in. The way things are done about here, it seems we should have been told about the project. After all, one of the properties we chose to not move into last April was supposed to have major construction next door so we moved into our current capital goods. I've enquired with our agent to see if the contsruction was something we should have known about.

Camera Lens Coffee Mug with Lid by Whetstone

Camera Lens Coffee Mug with Lid by Whetstone


Price: $12.99

Bring beverages into sharp focus with the SLR Camera Lens Travel Mug by Whetstone! This striking mug has the look and feel of an authentic SLR camera lens from focus and aperture rings to distance and depth of field scales. Beneath the detailed surface resides a fully functional go anywhere travel ready beverage container. Give coffee, tea, lattes and other beverages the exposure they deserve with the Whetstone SLR Camera Lens Travel Mug. Product

Doctor Who Disappearing TARDIS 12oz Coffee Mug

Doctor Who Disappearing TARDIS 12oz Coffee Mug


Price: $10.99

Travel through space and time with the Doctor Who Disappearing TARDIS Coffee Mug! Holding 12 ounces of your favorite beverage, this awesome mug depicts an image of the Doctor's time machine, the TARDIS. Add hot liquid, and it disappears, only to reappear in a far far away galaxy on the other side of the mug! Mug is microwave safe, hand wash only.


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Sooner time travelers often wonder what they should take with them and are anxious that they will not have sufficient clothing or toiletries with them. If you don’t want to be bogged down with heavy bags wherever you go, then always keep in mind less is more when packing and only take the essentials with you.

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Cooking recipes

Coffee Grog, Non Drinker
Ingredients:brown sugar, butter, cinnamon, coffee, cloves, nutmeg, heavy cream, lemon zest, orange zest

Historic Bahraini Cardamom Coffee
Ingredients:coffee, cardamom, rose water, saffron, water

Coffee & BBQ (Squealin' Humane Wake-Me-Up Java Rub)
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Riding Elliott Smith's Touching Roller Coaster With Seth Avett & Jessica Lea Mayfield
03/13/15, via The Village Voice Blogs

Before you be versed it, your kitchen is crowded, the conversation reaches a pitch that drowns out the timer, and everyone's drinking out of coffee mugs while you ease into ... in that Avett and Mayfield are traveling with a set that faithfully adheres to ...

Paying it hurry with coffee
03/13/15, via Battle Creek Enquirer

Solidify, from Marshall, turned around as asked me what I’d like. He was offering to buy my coffee. I brought in my travel mug to fill with brewed coffee, but Harden talked me into upgrading to a latte. I readily accepted his offer and, with nobody behind ...

Retail Resource Assemblage Introduces Mossy Oak “On the Hunt” Collection
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and coffee and specialty shops nationwide. RRG offers expensive quality stainless steel travel tumblers and mugs, but also acrylic tumblers, hydration bottles, and thermal vacuum bottles and food storage containers. RRG insulation technology includes ...


@ bosso, luxembourg

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Things I Like: Coffee Mugs
Things I Like: Coffee Mugs

I like coffee, so region coffee mugs seems obvious. But my coffee mugs tell a story: where I've been, where I've worked, what friends have given me gifts. My mugs come from Las Vegas, and Chicago (above), and Yellowstone National Park, and even Texas. I have mugs from my alma mater, my whilom employer, and a marketing company in Columbus, OH. There are mugs I've designed, and mug I'd wished I'd designed. There are Beatles mugs, and NPR mugs, and patriotic mugs. A lot of my mugs have broken handles. That's because I'm a klutz. It most often happens when I'm washing the dishes. Either I'll drop a mug and break it against another dish, or I'll drop a mug on the floor trying to put it away. I drop lots of things. There's another class of coffee mug: the travel mug. These don't most recent as long because they get more use. But here again, something always breaks. Usually it's a seal, and so the mug starts to take on water, and I make a mess on my morning commute. So I keep collecting them....

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Proclivity my coffee #travel #australia #melbourne #coffee
Proclivity my coffee #travel #australia #melbourne #coffee

Photo by azedkae