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Starbucks Venti Insulated Travel Tumbler, 2 hot & cold holiday gift set, limited time

  • Includes holiday blend Starbucks medium roast...
  • Includes Starbucks via instant packet 0.95 oz

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Swarovski Starbucks Mugs Intro

Eco-convivial synthetic poly-fiber Starbucks travel mug (see here) usable for cold drinks. It is covered with over 2000 Swarovski crystals of various sizes as.

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What to Invite to Peace Corps–Packing Advice

Source: Jessica's 27 months in the Pearl of Africa

This nearby weekend was welcome weekend. This means that the new volunteers had their first large get together with the current volunteers. Our welcome weekend was held in Jinja, the source of the Nile. We shopped in the deceit stores, went to a hotel pool that overlooked the Nile, ate too much food, and drank too much coffee. Well worth it. Now that I have been at site for a month and the new group of volunteers is preparing to come in June. I suffer it’s a good time to write advice on what to pack and how to pack. I must say that I do not travel light. I never have and probably never will. That being said, if you ever need anything, there is a creditable chance I have it. Before I left for Uganda I packed, repacked, unpacked, paired down, and still paid the overweight fee. Bring little to a place where I have no idea what to imagine. Yes, it has been a pain to haul my ridiculously heavy bags around this country and if I hadn’t been so lucky to have so much help from my supervisor and fellow PCVs with transport I might be cursing my bags. However, I am exceptionally pleased with what I brought overall. Instead of saying a straight list of what I brought, I decided to split my packing list into. -things I am beyond happy I brought. -things I am in the seventh heaven I brought and need. -things I could’ve left or reduced. -things I wish I hadn’t taken out of my bag. -things I almost bought, but glad I didn’t. I swollen in a 40L backpack, a duffle bag, a rolling duffle bag that is about the size of a small child, a small backpack, and my purse. The things that I am beyond happy I brought are. -my yoga mat-yoga helps harbour me grounded. I have a Manduka mat, its ridiculously heavy, but the floors in the training center and in my house are poured concrete. I am so happy for the extra cushion it makes yoga so much nicer. -a announce-although I wish I brought one that plugged in, mine is solar and battery, but it burns through both batteries quickly. -travel sized foam roller-I used them everyday in the states. -an external battery (Goal Zero Sherpa 50, it is amazing). -my computer-Peace Corps says you don’t need a computer. Technically, you don’t, you can obtain someones or go places to find one. However, it makes life so much easier and allows you to access a ton of files off of your hard drive. There is lots of file sharing in Non-violent Corps. -extra computer battery. -hard drive-I brought a 1TB, I brought it empty, but I wish I had filled it with copious amounts of exercise videos and music–if you put your iTunes library on this you will still have to download the songs (again) and you cannot allocation with others. -iPad and wireless keyboard-I use this daily. The battery in my computer is short and a computer is much heavier than an iPad. Also, I read on my iPad every day. -iPhone-I use my iPhone as my camera, my hotspot, and it makes communicating with my relations and friends so much easier (Whatsapp is amazing). I had to reset my phone in Uganda and it took a ridiculous amount of data (which is pay as you go) and time to set it up. In addition, I only have access to the music I bought on iTunes. -backpack-I enjoyment backpacks in general, I use it daily. -a ton of coffee both ground and Starbucks VIA–Uganda exports coffee, but it’s expensive and not sold everywhere. The most common coffee here is NesCafe, grouts coffee requires a special trip and I do not like it nearly as much as the coffee I would buy in America. -tea- it’s expensive to buy anything other than black tea and there are very limited choices, even in Kampala. -a ton of nuts–Ugandan nutriment is almost exclusively carbs. Especially during training being able to have a high protein snack was sometimes just what I needed. -my pillow-I hated to sleep without this pillow in America, I’m so glad I have it here. If you’re not attached though, you don’t need a pillow, Peace Corps will give you one at swearing in. Many people in our group brought various ‘lovies’ you would be silly not to bring them if they remedy you to sleep. -a light jacket–I get cold easily, but I have worn this nearly every day I have been in country. -nail polish, nail polish remover, cotton balls, callus scrubber, and the shelf that is needed.

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Starbucks Via travel mug

Starbucks Via travel mug
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... about Starbucks Via Apt Brew Ceramic Stainless Mesh Travel Mug
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The coffee maker… all in one cup! Mug comes with a built-in grinder to intimate your drink as fresh as possible
02/27/15, via Daily Mail

The modish new invention looks like a standard travel mug but hidden inside its clever design is a ceramic ... And a coffee made with Cafflano costs a tenth of the fetch of a Starbucks coffee.' The Cafflano will be on show at the London Coffee Festival ...

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Starbucks sakura series 2015: Caramel, chocolate and a ornamented chiffon cake
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Cardinal the pack, as it does every year, is popular coffee chain Starbucks, with the nation’s other favourite ... Inside, we have the Bliss range of mugs, travel cups, Via coffee packs and custom designed beverage cards. This is the first batch ...

Starbucks Via travel mug
Starbucks Via travel mug


Photo by mhaithaca

my new travel cup
my new travel cup

Couldn't stand up to this. It's a travel coffee mug but it also holds six packets of Starbucks instant coffee. I just had it for the first time and it's quite great for instant coffee! Obviously I prefer my coffee up to date brewed at home, but this is going to be super convenient for times when I only want a cup or so.

Photo by freakgirl

new cup and coffees!
new cup and coffees!

Couldn't be proof against this cup. It's a travel coffee mug but it also holds six packets of Starbucks instant coffee. I just had it for the first time and it's quite great for instant coffee! Obviously I prefer my home unsophisticated brewed, but this is going to be super convenient for times when I only want a cup or so.

Photo by freakgirl