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Well-built Mug Go - Anti-Spill Mug | Yellow Octopus

The Mug That Doesn't Tip Over. http://www. au/grand-mug-go-non-spill-travel-mug-16oz.

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Horrendous, full.

Source: A Happy Marsh-Wiggle

February 23 - Today I was obliged, as I very often am, for my fantastically wonderful parents who are entirely too good for me. They are just beyond-words fantastic. I am also thankful for my dad giving up some of his airline miles to get me a ticket to go to a squeeze's wedding so I'd only have to buy the return ticket. And I'm thankful that he was able to get me a window seat IN AN EXIT ROW. (My return flight is less awesome, on a less-awesome airline, but oh surge. ) Also, this means yay for seeing friends. February 24- Split pea soup. Yummy yummy soup. (And grateful for the hands that made it. Which are, by the way, not mine. ) Also obligated today for Gilmore Girls, a show with some morally questionable characters (which describes most shows, really), which I just quite enjoy watching. February 25 - Some days it's brutal to come up with things. Today the best I could do is being thankful for having a home, and for having an SUV that can handle piles of snow. Also, for Parks and Recreation, another awesome show, which just ended for stuff b merchandise. February 26 - Thankful for an unexpected free night at home thanks to choir being canceled - and because of that and the snow delay (for most everyone else in the priesthood, anyway), I got in two hours of overtime today. February 27 - Thankful (so thankful. ) for finishing the sewing of all 25 squares of the cute babe in arms blanket I made for a coworker's daughter('s unborn daughter). I thought it'd be awful but it was surprisingly not terrible, and each square I finished was super satisfying. February 28 - I definitively got new socks for the first time in a really long time. Also, we finally got sunshine today. Lots of sunshine. Yay sunshine. March 1 - It's Hike. We had family celebration time to celebrate my SIL's birthday, and it was lovely. And also thankful for Nutmeg, as always, who is just so sweetly Nutmeg, as usual. March 2 - Thankful for chiropractors, and schedulers/managers at profession who didn't mind me taking 1. 5 hrs of sick time to go attend to my spine after a spill on the ice this morning. And thankful for a new appreciation of what old people have to deal with all the time. Parade 3 - Very grateful for my good health and immune system. Sometimes I forget about how awesome they are, but then I remember, and it's great. March 4 - Today is Grammar Day. And today I'm obliged for my fun new travel mug - it's smaller (which means consuming less coffee, which I need to do lately), it's purple, and the only downside is the body isn't dishwasher-friendly, but because it's smaller than my ridiculously... Also, appreciative for the book On the Shoulders of Hobbits, which I get to read in little chunks here and there. Oooh, and, the snow that had been falling most of the day finally cleared by bedtime, and the full moon was out, and it was so sparkly and caboodle was untouched and it was so beautiful. (Which, of course, we very rarely actually get at Christmas, perfectly like that. March 5 - Thankful for the fluffy, sparkly snow this morning - and the sun that made it premium pretty. Thankful for the sun that's still above the mountains and it's 5:04pm as I'm writing this. Thankful for a result on a stupid quiz about how you best pray that tells me I should go to Eucharistic adoration more repeatedly - because YES. And, once again, later on, thankful for a nighttime walk on a perfect night - the full moon on still pretty fresh, mostly untouched snow (at least, untouched in the fields, etc), and very crisp, cool air - but not terribly bitingly cold. March 6 - Thankful for various Catholicky things. March 7 - Scraping the hindquarters of the barrel today. thankful for sleeping in, and a morning with the house to myself. Also grateful for God's grace. March 8 - Grateful for my family, and for celebrating my nephew who turns 10 tomorrow, and a billion of various uplifting articles, and videos, and good things, and church, and people, and stuff. Things are good. I mean, a lot of things are terrible, but God is capable, even when he's more or less incomprehensible. Remember, O most gracious Virgin Mary, that never was it known that anyone who fled to thy protection, implored thy help, or sought thine intercession was Nautical port unaided. Inspired by this confidence, I fly unto thee, O Virgin of virgins, my mother. to thee do I come, before thee I stand, sinful and sorrowful.

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Pokemon Jigglypuff 16oz Travel Mug

Pokemon Jigglypuff 16oz Travel Mug


Price: $13.86

Show off your favorite Pokemon character with this officially licensed travel mug by Just Funky! This 16 ounce mug features a quality image of everyone's favorite Pokemon, Jigglypuff. Comes complete with a non-spill metal lid. Hand wash only. Not dishwasher safe. Do not microwave.

Heritage Metalworks TM10182EY 14 oz Georgia Tech Travel Mug, Yellow

Heritage Metalworks TM10182EY 14 oz Georgia Tech Travel Mug, Yellow


Price: $29.50

We provide authentic NCAA sports collectibles obtained from the athletes and celebrities, during private signings and major sports or entertainment events. We provide a broad range of mugs, bottle openers, mug, keychains, magnets and glasses. We pride ourselves on offering the sports fans and collectors a trustworthy and dependable source for NCAA collectibles. This double wall stainless steel travel mug is insulated and it is stainless inside and out. It is embellished with a fine pewter decorative casting. The lid has a non-spill feature. FeaturesGeorgia Tech Travel Mug Specifications Color: Yellow Capacity: 14 oz


Dog roll - Road Refresher - the non-spill pet travel bowl
What is the Procedure Refresher™ "Simple and ingenious" Pet Product News, August 2009. The Road Refresher is an ingenious non-spill pet bowl that eliminates spills and ...

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Charge out of the Latest in Drinkware Technology from Kmart with this Spill and Leak Proof Travel Mug. The Keurig® K-Cup™ and Vue® reservoir brewers changed the game for ...

Contigo West Nautical bend 16 oz Travel Mug with Spill-Proof Auto ...
Contigo West Twist 16 oz Travel Mug with Spill-Proof Auto Seal Lid: Patented AUTOSEAL lid is 100 percent leak-proof and spill-resistant; Double-wall vacuum-insulated ...

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Promotional Travel Mugs » Non-Spill Travel Mug
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Cheeki Non-Spill Coffee Mug
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