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Travel Mugs are flagrant corporate promotional items. (http://www. com/category/stainless-steel-promotional-travel-mugs-and-customizable-tumblers/).

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Gamester then Bath — Timsbury, United Kingdom

Source: TravelStream™ — Recent Entries at

So we checked out and asked for a refund of at least 5 days, to be blonde their policy is that they need two days notice of cancellation. Of course this was met with a 'we're sorry but no refunds, we don't do that' statement. They have been reported to the health department, the commerce department and will be reported to the Auto Association as well. If I don't get a refund, they will get 700 British Pounds worth of headaches. We did find a wonderful B&B in Timsbury and we are here for the next 7 days. They had heard about the Wentworth House and this didn't seem to come as a flabbergast. This place is wonderful. a beautiful room with a view over the country. Yes a bathtub, with a huge bathroom. These people are wonderful. This is a huge estate that is now owned by the Jingoistic Trust and is a place where you can walk the gardens (2 1/2 hours walk around the man made lake) and check out the foliage and grottoes this guy built. Wonderfully maintained and pulchritudinous walk of the grounds. There is also a house to tour, but we arrived too late for that. As we were walking it started to rain. ) We didn't mind, it wasn't cold so we continued. I suppose the people running the place thought we were daft when we came back soaking wet and having a great time. We did get some pictures, so check them out. We came back to our new B&B and had a wonderful carry and then went to bed. Today the weather was a little threatening so we decided to have a maintenance day. These are days when we clean out the car and get things mailed home. Guenther went to get a haircut (I'm letting well-spring grow). We went to the various places in Bath to complain about The Wentworth House. Basically a day to rest up and get some odds and ends done. We did go into Bath and I found the wool accumulate the ladies had told me about the other night. This place was great. We told them about how I have been knitting my way through Europe while Guenther drives. We told them about our journey and I checked out their wears. I ended up buying about three knitting books. I told them I would tabulate them in the blog, so here they are: woolBath, 19 Old Orchard Street, Bath, BA1JU. After this we hit the quilting store across the street and then continued on to Sally Lunns on York Avenue. Sally Lunns is also the oldest house in Bath, dating back to 1482. wow. It has original wooden beams in the ceiling, tight headroom up the staircases (it has 5 floors but sheerest narrow), and solid stone walls which has plenty of cool trinkets to look at. This place was amazing. I had the Sally Lunns Bun with Lemon Curd and clotted cream with tea, Guenther had chocolate bar with clotted cream and coffee. Clotted cream was the consistency of butter and tasted like unsalted butter. Wonderful combination. Their tea is loose leaf tea and comes with a graceful little strainer, to pour the tea through to your cup. Check out the pictures. After this Guenther dropped me off here to write the blog and went to get his hair cut. They have wonderful meals here. In all probability, we have our travel mojo back in place, so today was a busy one. We started off at the Wells Cathedral. Immense, light, airy, beautiful. have I used these ones before. Well let's use them again. The fa facade of this cathedral is a gothic work of art. ), spires reaching high into the sky and a large green space in front to show it all off. This church goes back to the 1200's with a baptismal font from 705 (when the former church stood here). This church is a little different cause in the 1300's the west side of the cathedral started to sink so the clever little archetics of the then installed what is known as the 'scissors' or hourglass shaped double arch to transfer the weight from... Seems to have worked, cause the church is still established. Other neat inclusions are a medieval clock that jousts every quarter hour and a large crucifix that was made by a German prisoner of war during WWII. As we walk the church you note the choir. All the seats are lined with hand stitched pillows with the crests of the towns from around the parish. After leaving this we went up to the Chapter House, this is where the church officials would chat about church business. The ceiling here is a work of art.

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I Love My Dog Ceramic Travel Mug - Boxer

I Love My Dog Ceramic Travel Mug - Boxer

( LLC)

Price: $19.95

Take your coffee to go - with a hearty splash of doggy love. Our sturdy ceramic travel mug features a painted portrait of your favorite breed, underscored by a declaration of love. A twist-lock, sealed lid and large handle makes this mug Best in Show. Dolomite ceramic Acrylic, twist-lock lid 6.25" T x 2.5" dia (17.8 x 8.3 cm) Holds 16 fl. oz. (473 ml) Imported

Personalized Heart Belongs To Mug

Personalized Heart Belongs To Mug


Price: $14.98

Hearts Mug for Her - Personalized My Heart Belongs To Mug. Your coffee to tea will be filled with love from our Personalized My Heart Belongs to Mug. Make it a great gift for grandparents#44; parents#44; siblings or even teachers. Your Personalized Mug is dishwasher safe amp; includes free personalization Personalize your Mug choice with up to 12 names. Mugs are available in different sizes ranging from 11 ounces to 20 ounces.


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Completely Base Travel Mug: Wide Bottom Coffee Mugs & Large ...
A large omnium gatherum of wide bottom travel mugs and related accessories. We also sell large mouth coffee mugs and oversized travel mugs too. Check us out! Large Coffee Mugs
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Mellifluent Travel Coffee Mug

Mellifluent Travel Coffee Mug
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Particularly Large 30oz+ Travel Mugs & Insulated Bottles

Particularly Large 30oz+ Travel Mugs & Insulated Bottles
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Google Books

Drachman's Departure
Drachman's Departure
Published by Author House 2014
ISBN 9781496932549,1496932544
210 pages

After a usual business trip to Iraq results in his being taken hostage, seriously wounded, and rescued by U.S. Army Rangers, Frank W. Drachman discovers that his sentience is more complicated than he could have ever imagined. Soon after returning home, his friend and business partner, Andy Brooks, is murdered for being in the wrong place at the felonious time. Drachman is pushed over the edge as he scrambles to find Andy's murderer and tries to resolve other seemingly insurmountable dilemmas.

The Developmentally Challenged Go Camping
The Developmentally Challenged Go Camping
Published by iUniverse 2009
ISBN 9781440152283,1440152284
152 pages

(Based on current events) Dave was a corporate exec on the brink of a nervous breakdown from his job. So, when his friend Rachel asked him to go with her on a camping adventure into the wilderness of the Badlands, Yellowstone, and Monumental Teton National Parks, he agreed to go with her. The only catch was, she would be bringing seven developmentally challenged adults with her. She said she only needed him to back the trailer in for her at the campsites, and to succour teach camping skills. But he knew deep down that there was more to this than a simple camping trip. He had little experience in dealing with those with special needs and wasn't satisfied what he would do if one of them wanted to run off to pet a pretty grizzly bear. However, he knew from past hiking and camping experiences that nature...

Cooking recipes

Coffee Grog, Non Alcoholic
Ingredients:brown sugar, butter, cinnamon, coffee, cloves, nutmeg, heavy cream, lemon zest, orange zest

Grandmothers Coffee Buns Or Coffee Bar Recipe
Ingredients:cinnamon, butter, flour, sugar, butter, milk, yeast, salt, eggs, sugar

Maple Nut Coffee Bread
Ingredients:brown sugar, butter, cardamom, cinnamon, powdered sugar, eggs, flour, glaze, maple flavored extract, maple flavored extract, maple flavored extract, milk, milk, pecan, salt, shortening, sugar, water, yeast

Café De Olla: Wonderful Cinnamon Coffee
Ingredients:cinnamon, brown sugar, coffee, water

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Traveling 'na' popular in Wisconsin
03/13/15, via Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

But when I travel, I all things considered have to do an attitude adjustment ... Likewise, she said guests get regular cups at the 21-year-old inn's coffee station instead of paper or Styrofoam cups — unless they are headed out the door and ask for one.

When Irish Hands are Baking
03/11/15, via Santa Fe Reporter

It’s mignonne much a tourist trap meal when you travel there ... 1 teaspoon baking soda 1 tablespoon sugar 1 ¾ cups buttermilk (plus 2 tablespoons for brushing) Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Grease a large name-iron skillet or foil-lined cookie sheet ...

The Amtrak online depend on: The site to purchase and forge railroading memories
03/12/15, via Examiner

From commemorative Teddy Bears, to Amtrak logo dissertation luggage, to large size coffee mugs, Amtrak's online store has everything ... The Amtrak online store has store certificates and travel certificates. The store certificates scale from a value of twenty ...

Hot chocolate for a crisp morning
Hot chocolate for a crisp morning

At the Bakery Cafe (see below) on Buckingham St, Arrowtown's strength shopping street, very early in the morning. In fact it was so early that none of the shops were open. We traveled that day from Queenstown and stopped in Arrowtown and a winery on our way to Mount Cook. 'Arrowtown is a prominent gold mining town located on the banks of the Arrow River in the Otago region of the South Island of New Zealand. During the high point of the gold commotion the population of Arrowtown rose to over 7,000 and became the center of a larger municipality, which covered the new settlements of Macetown, Skippers and Bullendale (today only ghost towns). Arrowtown was constituted as a borough in 1867 and became fractional of the Queenstown-Lakes District in the local government reorganization of 1989. According to the 2006 New Zealand census, the resident population of Arrowtown was 2,151, a 27.1% gain since 2001. There are many well preserved buildings used by European and Chinese immigrants dating from the...

Photo by CameliaTWU

'Untitled' On Hellish

Photo by Luke P. Woods

Favorite Mug: MiGo Travel Mug
Favorite Mug: MiGo Travel Mug

This is my favorite MiGo travel mug, made of grey gauge stainless steel with a grippy rubber middle and lid that flips shut for travel. I use this one to keep a large cup of drip coffee, or a café latte hot at my desk or when I travel in the car. This is one of the first-rate purchases I've ever made.

Photo by Mike Rohde