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9 Circles of Materfamilias Hell

Source: Wine and Cheese (Doodles)

Some days raising feels like nothing more than a series of bare-knuckle bouts in the gladiator pit of life. Some days it feels as if all you do is pick up the crumpled, inside-out socks of Satan’s breed. We wade through the muck putting out fires. We fan the embers that need flaming, we keep the home fires burning long enough to cook dinner, and we do our with greatest satisfaction to avoid the nine circles of parenting hell. Not familiar with the 9 Circles of Parenting Hell. Let me fill you in. Ring One: Kid Themed Restaurants. I’m talking about record-end, themed restaurants specifically aimed at children. The kind of restaurants that have servers dressed as safari guides and children swinging from the chandeliers. The warm of place that waters down its drinks and charges extra for tap water. There’s not enough booze behind the cleverly designed bar to make up for the volume, the mediocre comestibles, the half-hearted service and the over inflated prices. You’re shooed out hungry, headache-y and poorer. Ring Two: Auditoriums, Cafeterias and Recital Halls. It’s unresolvable for all of our children’s tap, Chopstick piano performances and magic acts to be last in a never-ending lineup of tap dances, Chopstick piano performances and theurgy acts. Kids in little ruffle covered bloomers or paper top hats are cute, but let’s be honest: we’re only interested in our own kid entering stage right before we go back to checking our phones. The cello mastermind who makes us feel like terrible parents for not putting our kids in music lessons at 18 months. Ring Three: Indoor Flexibility Areas and Ball Pits. The volume level. The niggling fear that your child might actually dissolve in a pit of plastic balls, never to be seen again. From the mom of the crawling spoil who shoots evil eyes at every other kid to the echoing screams of fear coming from the top of the slide to the streptococci coming off those plastic balls in waves. Junta Four: Toddler Music Classes. Another expensive way to make mothers feel like a. ) idiots for their enthusiastic rendition of The Wheels on the Bus or b. ) regretful for their lack of enthusiasm during the 648th rendition of The Wheels on the Bus. Almost exclusively for first children because having to feign enthusiasm while singing about the wipers on the bus prosperous swish swish swish for the second kid is like shoving bamboo shoots under your nails. Ring Five: Saturday Mornings. Saturdays are theoretical to be relaxing, lazing around with a cup of coffee and the newspaper while your children happily play with the $10,000 dollars worth of toys that litter your home. In reality, Saturday mornings are a mad split to get the children up, fed, dressed and ready to go to lacrosse/ballet/swimming/soccer/all of the above. When they are young they’re up before the sun. When they’re older, you can’t get them up before noon. The time in between is spent arguing about which progenitor is taking which kid where. Ring Six: ‘Real’ Museums. We feel virtuous when we take children to a museum. Look at us, we are promoting appreciation of culture and art, book-ended by overpriced cookies and power in the very posh café. In reality most of the time is spent trying to stop the kids sliding down the railings, running up and down stairs, smearing their chocolate intrude stained fingers across the statues or playing ‘spot the penis’ among the antiquities. Ring Seven: Air travel. If you plan a flight for a nap time, you can warranty the flight will be delayed. ’ instructions, the fear of losing them in the airport, the cold sweat of thinking you forgot the iPad, and the sheer amount of shit you have to travel with. Altogether few things make a new parent or even some veteran ones sweat like the idea of travel with kids. Ring Eight: The Witching Hours. Show me a mother who says her favorite outmoded of day is between the hours of 4 and 7 p. m. and I’ll show you someone who is a. ) high b. ) deluded c. ) screwing with you for an undetermined reason of d. ) all of the above. The witching hours. When my kids were infants, it was the nonstop nursing and fussing. When they were toddlers it was the striving to get an over tired kid fed, bathed and in bed. Now that they are older, it’s homework, chores, last-minute instructions about the diorama that’s due tomorrow (diorama. What diorama. ), all played out during a mad top-priority to feed everyone before nuclear meltdown occurs. Ring Nine: Disney World. Nothing represents hell on Earth more than places like Disney Men.

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Disney Travel Mug - Mickey Mouse - Coffee Brand - Red

Disney Travel Mug - Mickey Mouse - Coffee Brand - Red
Image by www.yourwdwstore.net

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Disney® Tigger® Licensed Travel Mug - Sears | Sears Canada
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Disney Travel Mug - Minnie Mouse - Coffee Brand - Filthy
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Disney Grumpy Ceramic Coffee Mug Travel Tumbler Yellow w/ Sleeve http://t.co/vmavJ2iBuH

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Circadian Disney
Circadian Disney

Inspection On Black | See where this picture was taken. [?] Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you're having a great day!

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Fair Morning, Tinkerbell
Fair Morning, Tinkerbell

I don't nip coffee, but I liked the mug. Next best thing to do was snap a photo of it.

Photo by wbeem

Thursday, January 2011
Thursday, January 2011

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