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Ello Fulton BPA-Free Ceramic Travel Mug with Lid, 16 oz.

  • The perfect vessel for the artisan coffee...
  • Great for home, work or on the go

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In Endorse of Simple Things: The Metal Enamel Cup

Source: KCcoffeegeek

I have a lot of coffee cups. As it turns out, I at bottom use two different cups more than any others in my entire collection and they are metal enamel cups. They are durable, you can drop them all you want, they can hold quite a bit, travel nicely, they look bold and if you ever end up in jail you can run it back and forth over your bars for something to do. The reason I love my enamel mugs so much is... That sounds totally opposite to what most normal people craving out of a coffee cup, doesn’t it. But hear me out. In the evaluation of coffee, I want to experience the coffee at brewed temp as well as through a wide range of temperatures all the way down to room temp, more or less. The monogram coffee changes, sometimes dramatically, as it cools and most coffees “open up” and taste best some 20-30°F cooler than they are brewed at. In a good ceramic mug this can take a extensive time as heat is transferred and then held by the... In the thin enamel cup, though, heat transfers efficiently through the metal and the coffee cools down. I’ve not till hell freezes over timed it but I wouldn’t be surprised if I can drink a “pot” (around 400 mL or so) of coffee from my Gino dripper twice as fast through the full range of temperatures in one of my metal mugs than I could from a large ceramic mug. When you drink as much coffee as I do, usually very early in the morning before the realities of the “real job” kick in, then efficiency is of the essence, and that’s why I love these mugs so much. The only downside to them is that most branded enamel mugs will set you back an outgoing $18-$20 (except for Kaldi’s, which is half that much.

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Bird and Flower Bliss Ceramic Travel Coffee Mug

Bird and Flower Bliss Ceramic Travel Coffee Mug


Price: $15.70

The perfect accessory for anyone that is on the go! This ceramic travel mug makes a decorative and practical gift. Holds up to 17 ounces of your favorite hot beverage. The perfect gift for any occasion, this Bird and Flower Bliss Ceramic Travel Coffee Mug With Matching Gift Box is sure to be a hit!

Good Morning This Is God Ceramic Travel Coffee Mug w/ Non-Skid Rubber Bottom

Good Morning This Is God Ceramic Travel Coffee Mug w/ Non-Skid Rubber Bottom


Price: $16.98

Good Morning This Is God Travel Mug You'll be off to a good start when you enjoy your morning beverage in this 16-oz. ceramic mug! Features a day-brightening sentiment, "Good morning this is God, I will be handling all your problems today." Spill-resistant sipping lid. Non-skid rubber bottom. Not for microwave. Hand wash.


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Gift for Sister's Holiday - You Think I'm Crazy?.. Travel Mug


This is perfect mug for gift or furniture, a mug says "You Think I'm Crazy? You Should Meet My Sister", You can give this as a gift for your best sister. This is a sister mug that has funny owl design make it looked so cute. This is a good idea for make her happy. Show your love to her.

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Born To Play Volleyball - Exercise and Sport Game Travel Mug


Just gorgeous is how I feel when looking at this steel travel mug. This mug is for you who love playing volleyball. This can be a gift for your friends who have the same hobby. This has a high quality design and material. Come on pick it up.

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... > Coffee and Tea > Travel Mugs > Ceramic Travel Coffee Cup with Lid

... > Coffee and Tea > Travel Mugs > Ceramic Travel Coffee Cup with Lid
Image by www.organizeit.com

Found on whimsyisforever.blogspot.com

Found on whimsyisforever.blogspot.com
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... from our harmonious ' ceramic mugs microwavable coffee mugs dishwasher

... from our harmonious ' ceramic mugs microwavable coffee mugs dishwasher
Image by www.coffeecakes.com

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The Horseman at Midnight
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The Spunk of Simple Living
The Spunk of Simple Living
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Library Cafe Renamed in Honor of Sophie Kerr
03/06/15, via The Elm

Ceramic mugs featuring a file of Kerr are on sale for $5 and stainless-steel travel cups are available for $10. When buying a refill of regular coffee, it only costs 99 cents for students with one of these products. The mugs can be refilled at the ...

How to Discern an Especial Cup of Coffee in Paris (or Anywhere)
03/03/15, via New York Times Blogs

On one occasion you get past the familiar allure of a place — colorful ceramic mugs, La Marzocco machinery, distressed wood interiors, artisanal cakes and tattooed baristas — how do you shape what is actually good? T sat down with some of the city’s coffee ...

The coffee maker… all in one cup! Mug comes with a built-in grinder to atone your drink as fresh as possible
02/27/15, via Daily Mail

... carry-on coffee maker allowing coffee fans to grind their own beans moments before using them to make a cup. The nifty new invention looks like a standard travel mug but hidden inside its clever forge is a ceramic burr grinder and a drip filter.

Coffee, Theehuis Rhijnauwen, 18 July 2009
Coffee, Theehuis Rhijnauwen, 18 July 2009

Photo by ed_needs_a_bicycle

FlightControl thermal travel mug
FlightControl thermal travel mug

Arrived yesterday in send from CafePress ... took three weeks and multiple flights to land on my doorstep! Love it!

Photo by Poohjay

Community Coffee on the Route
Community Coffee on the Route

This is one of my favorite travel mugs, but I only use this one when driving almost town. It is ceramic and I don't want to break it. It keeps my Community Coffe warm.

Photo by Shannon Hurst Lane