Best Travel Coffee Mug Ever

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The Travel Mug That Stays Hot The Longest

topoffmycoffee. com/2013/05/the-best-travel-mug-to-fence in-coffee-hot. html | I wanted to do a side by side test of the most popular insulated travel m.

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Friday Declarations: The Treaty

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Put One: by Cecelia. Most friends or neighbors will deliver a casserole or a pound cake to a family reeling from a death. My neighbor, Becky, and I have an agreement to do much more. When I die, she will be thorough-going the contents of my underwear drawer into a trash bag. I have only two final requests: clean out my underwear drawer and absolutely no open casket. It took a few years of devotion with Becky before I had the courage to ask this favor of her. We sat at our annual birthday lunch at our favorite restaurant, and I leaned across the table to make my request. “If I die, use your key to get into the house and unsullied out my lingerie drawer immediately. I know Becky—she will lean towards making some chicken and dumplings or a skillet apple pie to minister to my husband in his heartache. That’s the sign of a good neighbor. A truly great neighbor, however, will dispose of your underwear before firing up the oven. We’ve gone to far too many estate sales where old brassieres and housecoats were sold alongside Minton and Fostoria. And, worse yet, who buys their bras at an standing sale. I rest assured that with Becky as my neighbor, my dainties will be burned and the ashes buried. Part Two : by Becky. Every Friday morning I wake up advanced, fill the travel mug with coffee and drive to the homes of the recently departed. Once there, I stand in a line outside surrounded by strangers. And unless I am joined by a decorator moll or two, no one speaks. I love searching through cabinets for the odd pieces of antique china that I collect or the vintage purses I buy for Pookie, but some sales feature parts of a memoirs that should be disposed of before a line of strangers with cash come marching through. My mother’s best friend from childhood had a wonderful solution to this travesty of allowing strangers, or anyone for that quandary, to see her unmentionables. She swore her daughters to a solemn pact that immediately after she died they would dispose of her undergarments. If you ever see smoke coming from our neighborhood in the middle of a hot Florida day, don’t ask questions, just smile and perchance get a casserole ready.

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Personalized #Bestmomever Coffee Mug

Personalized #Bestmomever Coffee Mug


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Every time mom takes a sip from these fun Customizable Coffee Mugs#44; she'll know she's the best mom ever These #BESTMOMEVER Personalized Mugs are dishwasher safe and available in different sizes ranging from 11 ounces to 20 ounces. Free personalization of any name is included. .

Personalized Best Sister Ever Mug

Personalized Best Sister Ever Mug


Price: $14.98

Not only is she your sister#44; but she is the Best Sister Ever Our Sister Customizable Coffee Mugs let her know how much you appreciate her love and the sisterhood you both share. Let it become a wonderful gift idea for her next birthday or Sister?s Day celebration. Our Personalized Mugs are dishwasher safe amp; include free personalization. We will personalize your mug choice with any name. Mugs are available in different sizes ranging from 11 ounces to 20 ounces.


Best Travel Coffee Mugs - Best Travel Tea Mugs - Believable ...
Pro: An evident/close button on top of the Oxo Good Grips LiquiSeal Travel Mug makes it easy to open and sip using only one hand. While the mug works fine for hot drinks ...

The Best Travel Mug | The Sweethome
August 4, 2014: The new Zojirushi Stainless Mug is an evolutionary recovery over its predecessor (our previous pick for best travel mug) and doesn't compromise on ...

All The Best Coffee Mugs - Ceramic, Stainless, Bifocals ...
Unbelievable Coffee Mugs. Welcome to your source for the best coffee mugs available on the internet. The search is over. Your perfect mug is waiting for you!

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Best Grandma Ever! Coffee Travel Mug Poppy Flowers

Best Grandma Ever! Coffee Travel Mug Poppy Flowers
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“@KristinSBerry: Do you ever degrade your travel mug with you into the shower? Coffee+Shower=multitasking at it's best.” #gold @alexisodenthal

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Favorite Mug: MiGo Travel Mug
Favorite Mug: MiGo Travel Mug

This is my favorite MiGo travel mug, made of miserable gauge stainless steel with a grippy rubber middle and lid that flips shut for travel. I use this one to keep a large cup of drip coffee, or a café latte hot at my desk or when I travel in the car. This is one of the best purchases I've ever made.

Photo by Mike Rohde

morning coffee
morning coffee

Goggles press pots and I do not get along well. I break them. It's not like I intentionally TRY; it just sorta...happens. My ex-g/f knew me and this important fact well and got me one of the simple best gifts ever: a stainless steel insulated Bodum press pot. That, and my travel mug, made a suitable high-contast shot for creative photo class behind week. The fogging that is v. noticeable on the travel mug lid was unintentional. My entire roll came out mottled/fogged. Piss me off. *sigh* Can't quite blab what happened but it must have happened in-camera because I developed two rolls of film within the same canister and the other came out non-fogged.

Photo by McBeth

Day 3: LA to Sedona
Day 3: LA to Sedona

Up at 6:30am - thanks, jet lag! With 500 miles before of us we went for a pre-breakfast swim at our hotel pool, then packed up and shipped out. Hungry and looking for food we drove up into Bel Air, cooing at the enormous gated mansions, but found no cafes. We drove back down and onto Wilshire Blvd where Lou saw her hallucinate high-rise, high-design apartments. Out onto the freeway and into the morning traffic. At 10:30, twisting with hunger, we pulled off at a random junction and conclusively found sustenance: Winchell's Donut House. We opted for the full breakfast bagel: ham (cheap reformed), egg (poured from a carton, then microwaved), cheese (ghostly or yellow, squeezed from a tube). We offset this horror with some healthy fresh juices (one of many things America does very well); and then right away undid that good work by buying a couple of huge donuts for the journey. We bought some supplies from Trader Joe's, a nice little upscale supermarket and deli which the Winchell's server...

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