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Getting pushed, probed and tested to the limit at Red Bull endurance camp

Red Bull doesn't do anything by halves. When the energy drink manufacturer decided to get into Formula 1 it didn't buy just one team, it bought two. The company owns or sponsors four professional soccer teams, including the New York Red Bulls, and runs

Dauphiné: BMC wins team time trial

Rohan Dennis moved into the lead of the Critérium du Dauphiné on Tuesday after BMC triumphed in the team time trial on stage three. Related Articles. Dennis back in yellow, but van Garderen remains BMC's Dauphiné leader · News Shorts: Modolo leaves 

Specialized S-Works Venge ViAS – first ride video

The average of the 12 riders tested was 120 seconds, with larger riders usually showing more of a gain. The Bear Creek descent into Boulder Creek is a 1,400ft / 426m drop down winding, often cambered tarmac under a canopy of trees. The road surface

Getting pushed, probed and tested to the limit at Red Bull endurance camp -


Red Bull doesn’t do anything by halves. When the energy drink manufacturer decided to get into Formula 1 it didn’t buy just one team, it bought two. The company owns or sponsors four professional soccer teams, including the New York Red Bulls, and runs a host of adventure sports events. And, in October 2012, Red Bull sponsored Felix Baumgartner’s skydive from the edge of space, during which he became the first human to break the sound barrier without a plane or rocket ship. So when Red Bull wanted to find a way to push its athletes further and for longer, it didn’t just drag them into the gym or the performance lab, it took them to the lowest place in North America, Death Valley, and the highest city in California,... Let’s be clear, little of this seems to be specifically about selling a caffeinated, sugary energy drink. From a marketing perspective, owning two F1 teams offers little value—even if one of them wins, the other loses. Sure, the awning of the attached canopy was adorned with Red Bull logos, and there was a limitless supply of Red Bull, but there were no adoring fans in sight, no media other than me. MORE EDGE: Barbarian Days: Finnegan's surf memoir a glorious... “Every time it’s sort of this love-hate thing,” says endurance mountain biker Rebecca Rusch, the only athlete to have come to all three camps. “The information’s super interesting to me. Getting to talk to the top neuroscientists or the top cardiologists—all that is super fascinating to me not just for my own performance, but also because I’m just interested in it and it’s cool. “They’re essentially trying to break us down and see what happens. The first year was a little bit of an experiment in experimentation. Though the scientific aim was to investigate central fatigue, to see how the perception of tiredness correlated to real performance, manager Per Lundstam and the rest of his team also wanted simply to play with technology and athletes out in the... “As soon as you take them into the lab you change their behavior,” says physiologist Dan Turner. Year 2 featured a return to the same problem of fatigue, but with a couple of twists. One was comparing the difference between central fatigue and the real fatigue in each muscle, and the other was using magnetic fields to stimulate nerve cells in the brain to see whether that could override central fatigue and help the athletes... And, in the third year, the main focus was muscle activation, trying to understand how both altitude and the cadence, or pedaling rate, of the athletes affect their ability to engage the fibers in their muscles. Hooked up to an array of medical and fitness technology, each athlete was sent out on a cycling time trial course in the hills northwest of Bishop. They had blood glucose monitors attached to their stomachs, heart rate recording band aids stuck to their chests, muscle oxygenation sensors strapped to their legs and wore shorts that could measure the engagement of the muscle fibers in their... Wires taped to each athlete’s neck and body fed to a device called. “It’s cool to see Mike suffer through this,” Zabriskie joked. Used to the grueling three-week grind of the Tour de France, Zabriskie wasn't exactly fazed by 10-kilometer time trials and indoor bike tests. “I come here and I have no idea what I’m doing half the time,” Day said. “I’m just redlining the whole time, sweating, hurting. out with biometric sensors again, then put through their paces on stationary bikes. One-by-one they were subjected to a ramp test, increasing the power by 40 watts every four minutes while having readings taken and their fingers pricked to measure blood lactate, and then a max power test, trying to hold their absolute maximum... Once the first three (Rusch, Day, and Naeth) were done, they were driven across the road to a rocky airstrip and loaded into a Cessna Centurion for the journey up to the Mammoth Mountain Inn, 9,000 feet above sea level. Lundstam and his team simply wanted to test the affect of a rapid change in altitude on the athletes, but for Day a bumpy 40-minute flight over rocky ridges in a single-engine plane was the worst part of the whole camp.


Triathlon by Aerodyne Research Corporation -
Triathlon Reviews - The Triathlon is a seven-cell, zero-porosity ram-air parachute; ... So far I have put about 10 jumps on the canopy, below is my quick assesment:

Triathlon 120 : : Skydiving Classifieds
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Aerodyne : Triathlon Multipurpose Main Canopy
Triathlon CRW; Available sizes: 99, 120 ... The Triathlon is a user-friendly parachute ... These landing characteristics are the reason the Triathlon is the canopy ...

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At a Glance
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Current Lead Times: Icons 10 - 12 weeks | Canopies 12 - 14 weeks

Current Lead Times: Icons 10 - 12 weeks | Canopies 12 - 14 weeks
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Flight Concepts International - Express, Prodigy

Flight Concepts International - Express, Prodigy
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Malaysia, Singapore & Brunei
Malaysia, Singapore & Brunei
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Best Bike Rides Minneapolis and St. Paul
Best Bike Rides Minneapolis and St. Paul
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Hidden in and around Minneapolis and St. Paul are some great roads, trails, and bike paths that are fun to explore. Best Bike Rides Minneapolis and St. Paul describes 40 great recreational rides in the metro areas. With most rides between 5 and 30 miles—including road rides, rail trails, bike paths, and mountain bike rides—it’s easy to find an interesting place to ride. Each route includes complete directions, a map, a text description of the area you’ll be riding, the GPS coordinates of the start/finish point, and color photos of one the ride’s features. Also included is information on local restaurants, lodging, maps, bicycle shops, other facilities for cyclists, and community resources. Features: • Detailed maps and directions • Rides that explore the city as well as the surrounding...

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