Obama Was Fundraising During Benghazi


Obama Calls Benghazi 'Cover Up' 'Slideshow', 'Political Circus': They Use Us for Fundraising

(The Ticket) President Barack Obama on Monday furiously dismissed as a "political circus" Republican charges that his administration had misled the public .

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Friday Talking Points -- New Speaker's Speaking Problem

He blamed President Obama's White House for "putting us in tough decisions for the future," but he voiced hope that a "safe zone would create a stem the flow of refugees." And he scolded the During an interview, McCarthy flat-out admitted that the

Shame on our routine response

I was thinking about Planned Parenthood and Benghazi; about Bernie Sanders' fundraising and Hillary Clinton's emails; about Putin and Syria. Another shooting is tragic and As Obama observed, our inaction is un-American. “When Americans are killed

First Read's Morning Clips

NBC's Elissa Nunez looked back at the history of 3rd quarter fundraising totals in primaries. From the AP: "Biden's small team of political advisers has been quietly reaching out to Democrats who could join the campaign in senior roles, including

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Marc Thiessen: Where was Obama during Benghazi? Ask the ...
Where was Obama during Benghazi? White House diarist knows. ... What was President Obama doing during the eight hours that the U.S. diplomatic compound in Benghazi, ...

Revealed! Where was Obama During the Benghazi Terrorist ...
... which is, where was Obama during the attacks, which lasted seven hours? ... in the Situation Room during the Benghazi terrorist attacks. ...

Obama Campaign: Vegas Fundraiser on Day After Benghazi ...
... Obama's Silence on Afghan Military's Child Rape ... Vegas Fundraiser on Day After Benghazi Massacre was ... but apparently not during U.N ...

press secretary jay carney says benghazi was a phony scandal

press secretary jay carney says benghazi was a phony scandal
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stevens glen doherty tyrone woods sean smith or their families

stevens glen doherty tyrone woods sean smith or their families
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Democrats not boycotting Benghazi committee, yet
10/02/15, via Daily Kos

"It's just a stunning admission on the part of the Republican leader that the Benghazi Committee was created with a political purpose in mind. In fact, it's really an ethical question," [Minority Leader Nancy] Pelosi said during a press conference in ...

President Obama Will Head Back to HAMILTON for Democratic Party Fundraiser
10/02/15, via Broadway World

It's been just over two months since President Obama stopped by the Richard Rodgers Theatre to ... the $10 Founding Father who forever changed America with his revolutionary ideas and actions. During his life cut too short, he served as George ...

Obama: No more temporary spending bills; budget deal needed
10/02/15, via New Jersey Herald

WASHINGTON (AP) - President Barack Obama says he won't sign another temporary government ... Kevin McCarthy says he regrets suggesting the House special committee on Benghazi has political goals. Republican Rep. Jason Chaffetz of Utah is planning to ...