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5 Amazingly Simple Cake Decorating Ideas - Kitchen Conundrums with Thomas Josheph

More from Thomas Joseph: www. marthastewart. com/kitchenconundrums.

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Why Succulents Are the Ideal Houseplants You Can't Kill No Matter How Busy You Are

Succulents are a family of plants with thick, fleshy leaves that trap and hold water, making them easy to care for and hard to kill. They're the camel of the plant world, if you will. They're also the As far as decorating trends go, there aren't

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Lift the metal ring off (dip a cloth into hot water and run it briefly around the ring to make it easier to remove). Decorate with willow and spun sugar, if you like, and wedges from the remaining figs. Recipes adapted from Sweet by James Martin

Why Succulents Are the Ideal Houseplants You Can't Kill No Matter How Busy You Are - Mic

Source: mic.com

A grownup decorating decision: Young adults decorating their own homes are almost guaranteed to be beginners. Tifford said succulents are popular with kids in college dorms and young adults because they fit nicely into a busy lifestyle and are easy to maintain. They only require watering once a week (or even once every two) and can survive in both bright and low light. "They are just super easy to care for," Jeremy, 27, told Mic. "If I forget to water the succulents for a few weeks, it's not a big deal, they will be fine. Even if you're not going to bother Instagramming it, getting a green plant (and actually keeping it alive) can feel like a nice shortcut to adulthood. Grownup rooms are rooms with plants. "I live in a [New York] apartment with no yard or other outdoor space, so having a few living plants at least makes me feel like I have something outdoorsy," said Jeremy. And it doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that plants suck carbon dioxide out of the air and create oxygen. It does, however, take one figure out what other poisonous compounds plants filter out. In the 1980s, in an effort to figure out which plants to take aboard spaceships, NASA scientists tested various plants to find out which were best at pulling contaminants from the air. Amid the top 10 list of plants that rid the air of toxins such as formaldehyde and household chemicals. Look no further than the aloe plant for a succulent with the space agency's stamp of approval. Too easy not to get: As with anything that's gotten wildly popular, getting them is easy, as they're now found at grocery stores and corner shops. Or you can rely on a friend, said Jeremy: "You can easily cut off a limb off of most of them and replant them for a friend that might want one of their own. Like almost everything else, you can have them delivered right to your door through websites like the Sill, which offers a range of trendy potted plants that they'll mail directly to your home. To get you started, some of the site's top recommendations include Echeveria , Haworthia , aeonium, agave, aloe and jade plants.

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Roar! Monster Jam's El Toro Loco is here! Do you have a cute little fellow who jumps up and down when he hears El Toro Loco from "Monster Jam"? Is he the kind who shouts his lungs out when he sees one of those giant trucks jump and roar? Well, give him the best birthday party with the Monster Jam El Toro Giant Wall Decal. Includes: 4 Decals with the largest measuring 45 inch width x 31 inch height, 3 inch Yellow Squeegee. Full Use and Care Instruction Manual. Officially licensed Feld Motor Sports Inc. product. These easy-stick, reusable wall decals have a grip as firm as the wheels of those magnificent machines and make a friendly bond with nearly any smooth, flat surface. These vinyl decals are even reusable, so you can move them around during or after the party. Make them part of your son's Monster Jam theme party one day, and use them to decorate his bedroom wall the next. The big jaws and huge wheels of Monster Jam have made it a favorite of many little guys out there. Take that extra step to make his big day as special as it can get. Turn your home into a race course and let your little one enjoy being at his own Monster Jam event all day long. Drape your tables with a colorful table cover, and surround it with a wide variety of Monster Jam decorations available through Birthday Express. Bake an El Toro cake and you're all set for a roaring good party. To make your work easier, purchase our complete Monster Jam Party in a Box kit. For more party tips visit our Ideas section.

Betty Crocker Fix with a Mix Desserts

Betty Crocker Fix with a Mix Desserts


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An incredible array of swoon-worthy sweets, all starting with a mix! You can do way more with Betty Crocker mixes than just make cakes and cupcakes, like Chocolate Mousse-Raspberry Cake, Southern Apple Crumble, Chocolate-Marshmallow Pillows, and Red Velvet Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting. Delectable fresh-from-the-oven desserts are as easy as 1-2-3. Betty Crocker Fix-with-a-Mix Desserts provides easy recipes for making all kinds of moist and mouthwatering goodies-all fast and easy with a Betty Crocker mix. There's also a bonus chapter that shows you how to make great-tasting treats with Betty Crocker's new and incredibly popular line of gluten-free mixes. Includes 100 recipes with a luscious full-color photo of every recipe All recipes start with Betty Crocker's trusted mixes, including SuperMoist? Cake Mix, angel food cake mix, brownie mix, cookie mix, Bisquick? and all-new gluten-free mixes for cookies, brownies, and cakesAccompanying sidebars offer creative ideas for decorating cupcakes, types of frosting for cookies, and special-occasion toppers for fruit dessertsA handy index by mix lets readers pick recipes based on the mixes they already have in their pantryThere's almost nothing you can't do with Betty Crocker's wide variety of dessert mixes. WithBetty Crocker Fix-with-a-Mix, you'll never run out of yummy options!


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How To Do Easy Cake Decorating. Donna and Sam from the Buttercup Cake Shop share some great hints and tips on cake decorating. Let the fun begin!

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Homemade Cake Decorating Ideas. 01 Of 14. See Photos view gallery. ... try out these easy cake decorating tips and tricks! ... What do you think? More From.

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... of the simplest ways to decorate a cake is to give the frosting some

... of the simplest ways to decorate a cake is to give the frosting some
Image by dstainlesssteelkitchensink.blogspot.com

decorate a cake with back of spoon

decorate a cake with back of spoon
Image by spicedblog.com


Image by mirrormirror.typepad.com

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RT @Good_Foods: Valentine's Cupcakes - Cake Decorating Store: These are really easy to do great for if you are doing it with the... http://…

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Want to Drop a Quotable Quote? Well, Pause and Verify First
09/25/15, via The New Indian Express

Do we have any idea that many of these popular ... Great men, like great artists ‘steal’ existing ideas and produce quotable quotes after polishing and decorating them. Churchill’s “Blood, sweat and tears”, “Democracy is the worst form of ...

Living With Kids: Miranda Anderson
09/22/15, via designmom.com

My goal in decorating is to tell stories and create ... and kneeling together to pray at night are the motions of my real, simple, beautiful life. I am doing it well even when I don’t do anything exceptional. Not every day has to be perfect or different ...

Construction Dig DecoSet Cake Decoration
09/03/15, via DailyMotion

Build the ultimate cake for your budding construction crew with this cake decorating kit. Made of food-safe plastic. Approximately 3.5-Inch Height Includes a truck with rolling wheels and swivelling digger with moveable arm. Makes a great toy after the party.

Another Excerpt: Vacation is a Trainwreck
Another Excerpt: Vacation is a Trainwreck

I'm not the most organized guy in the world. I kinda fly by the seat of my pants in most of the stuff I do. I grew up that way. And I'm still like that as an adult. I do everything at the last minute... and I generally try to pay all of my bills right before they become thirty days past due. If the people really want their money they'll call right? And they get so happy when I give it to them and I get to hear that in their voices on the phone. I get a lot of bills in the mail. There's like this 'secret code' or something... the really important ones are red in some way. I know how far I can push it. It's fun living dangerously sometimes... watching how low you can get the needle down on the gas tank before you gotta get gas. That's how I learned about something really smart people call 'parallax.' Paralax is 'the effect whereby the position or direction of an object appears to differ when viewed from different positions.' Like if you look at the needle on the fuel...

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Okay, So I Tried This...
Okay, So I Tried This...

The recipient likes "Funfetti". Yes, I KNOW you can make a DIY "Funfetti" cake, but I thought I would use a box cake to save time & money (it was on SALE). Then I began to think that cookies would be easier to for the recipient share than a cake or even cupcakes. I was certain someone had used a box mix as a base for cookies, so I searched for a recipe. There are DOZENS. I settled on a recipe called "Incredibly Easy Sugar Cookies" found on a blog written by Monster Mama, because you add butter and one egg instead of oil and several eggs. Plus, I like the idea of roll and cut instead of using a scoop for this type of cookie. The dough was EASY to work (rolling, transferring). In addition, the bake time is short (just seven minutes each sheet). Of course, I also like the ease of variation - you can add whatever you like to the mix, and decorate however you desire. It's not a ton of batter, so the number of cookies depends on what size you cut them. I...

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Pacman & Ms.Pacman cakes
Pacman & Ms.Pacman cakes

cakes by Jen and I. Pretty much the easiest and most awesome cake I've ever decorated. Here's how you do it: 1. Box of cake mix. Follow instructions. 2. Bake in two round pans. 8"? 9"? I have no idea. Whichever. Follow baking instructions on the box. 3. Slice the puffy top off so it lies flat. Save those for eating later. 4. Cut a triangle out of each cake. Set aside. 5. Yellow icing! I used a star tip on a cake decorating bag, you can do it however you want. 6. Brown icing - probably use the cake decorating tool here, unless you think you can freehand the eyes. I may have put these on before the yellow. 7. Make a bow with the two spare triangles on top of a Pac-Man head. 8. Pink icing! 9. Impress the hell out of your friends on their birthday. You are now their hero.

Photo by lesleyhyphenanne