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Power Grid: Italy/France

Power Grid: Italy/France - (dba Shopping)

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Power Grid France and Italy Expansion takes you to two unique nations in Europe to see different kinds of power plays. France has jumped into the nuclear power field more strongly than other countries, while Italy has found a useful use for their garbage stockpiles. Two new maps for Power Grid. This is an expansion pack, so you will need the Power Grid game to play with it. As with the original, the board has a different map on each side: France and Italy. Along with the maps are small rule changes to reflect the power culture in these two countries. France, a land that has embraced nuclear power, has an earlier start with atomic plants and more uranium available. Italy has more waste, but fewer coal and oil resources. The result is not just new maps, but new ways to play this great game! Power Grid France and Italy Expansion is an expansion only and requires the Power Grid Board Game to play. Features2 to 6 players90 to 120 minutes to playPower network expansionStrategy gameExpansion for base game

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