Two Prairie Dogs Cuddle

Ten serious minutes of prairie dog cuddle time.

As the title describes, here are ten serious minutes of prairie dog cuddle time. Prairie dogs are fun and enriching pets.

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Labradoodle prairie dogs and ducklings really are the best of friends

prairie dog pals Swarley and Bing from a local pet shop and set up an Instagram account detailing the gang's adorable adventures. Three-year-old Swarley and two-year-old Bing enjoy playing, swimming and cuddling together with Biscuit the Labradoodle.

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Two prairie dogs cuddling like humans at the pet store ...
Two prairie dogs cuddling like humans at the pet ... Prairie dogs live in very large and extremely social groups that ... maybe humans cuddle like prairie dogs... O.o.

Prairie dogs love to kiss and cuddle - The Times of India
A new study has revealed that adult prairie dogs kiss and cuddle each other more when they are being watched.

Prairie Dogs Cuddle Like Humans And We Can't Even Handle ...
Prairie dogs always greet one ... Prairie Dogs Cuddle Like Humans And ... Redditor v3rmillion89 posted this picture of two prairie dogs cuddling like ...

Just two prairie dog having a cuddle session

Just two prairie dog having a cuddle session
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Love is in the... zoo: The two prairie dogs were captured sharing a ...

Love is in the... zoo: The two prairie dogs were captured sharing a ...
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Two prairie dogs appear to have a kiss and cuddle as they enjoy a slow ...

Two prairie dogs appear to have a kiss and cuddle as they enjoy a slow ...
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It might seem barking but Biscuit the Labradoodle, Swarley and Bing the prairie dogs and a cute pair of ducklings really ARE the best of friends
06/18/15, via Daily Mail

When first prairie dog Swarley was introduced to the family ... They sleep in bed with me and cuddle against my stomach or legs.' In the wild prairies are often prey so remain timid when they go outside for walks. However their sociable nature makes ...

Clarkson the cat wants to cuddle!
06/12/15, via WKOW

You can find out more about him by going to In the meantime, if you're a dog owner, check out Mounds Dog Fest 2015 at Angell Park Speedway in Sun Prairie this Sunday June 14 from 10 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Admission and park are free.

Moment prairie dog faceplants a dog
05/21/15, via Daily Telegraph

The video starts with the prairie dog and other dog enjoying a cuddle (Newsflare / Yoda32001) The filmer said: "My prairie dog pup climbed onto my golden retriever, performed his lookout duty, then said "yahoo!" "But lost his balance and faceplanted."